Paramount Property Tax Appeal provides services that save you money!

Understanding, filing and then winning a property tax appeal can be a daunting if not an overwhelming experience to many business professionals and property owners. Not to us. At Paramount Property Tax Appeal, our main goal is to make the tax appeal process simple, easy and painless for our clients, from beginning to end.


» Initial Consultation

» Determining the Value of your Property

» Filing the Appeal

» Representing You at a Hearing

» Ensuring you Receive your Refund


We guide you through the entire process. You are not alone.


Paramount Property Tax Appeal has five distinct specialties:

» Real Property Tax Appeal – Both land and the buildings and structures on the land are considered Real Property.

» Business Property Tax Appeal – These are the taxes that all businesses must pay on the assessed value of their unsecured property, which is defined as all property except Real Property. This will generally include any business equipment, furniture and fixtures.

» Business Personal Property Tax Compliance 

» Property AppraisalFor all property types we perform all USPAP and Estate Appraisals based on specific requirements.

» Possessory Interest / Real Property Tax Appeal – Tax stipulations and liabilities that apply to businesses that lease government land for private use. For example business that operated in a city-owned airport is considered possessory interest property, and the valuation process is normally unique and complex.