One of the keys to Paramount Property Tax Appeals’ success has been our diligent and persistent approach to achieve maximum reductions in assessed values for our clients’ property. This was quite evident on our tax appeals for the owner of a 67,500 square foot office building in San Diego County. The property was assessed for over $16,500,000 in 2011.

By taking a proactive approach and filing an Informal Appeal, we were able to get immediate relief for our client and secure a reduced value to $9,800,000. We felt that there was sufficient justification for further reduction and filed a Formal Appeal. We presented our case before the Board of Appeals panel and gained an additional concession lowering the assessment to $9,100,000. The following year we were able to achieve another reduction to $8,900,000. This represented a major reduction of over 45% from the original assessment and a savings of over $150,000. Another success story, and another client so happy they chose to use our services.