Who likes a good comeback story? We do. One of San Diego’s largest biotechnologies company was in the process of completing its annual 4-year audit by the San Diego County Assessor’s office when they called upon Paramount Property Tax Appeal’s expertise.

At the time, the company was looking at having to pay approximately an extra $10,000 in taxes. Given the size of the operation, this appeared to be a typical outcome. The company solicited our help to see if there was anything we could bring to the table to potentially reduce these taxes. As we began our review, we noticed numerous property type misclassifications as well as omissions made by the County Auditor. After our review and some negotiations with the County Assessor, we were not only able to wipe out the proposed $10,000 bill; we were able to obtain a refund for the client in excess of $90,000. On top of this, the company will receive continued savings for the foreseeable future due to our successful efforts.